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To infinity and beyond!
21 March 2023

Writing for BBC Future—because, why not?—Richard Fisher discusses The numbers that are too big to imagine. He starts well enough, with a little childhood reminiscence:

Thought for the day: hedging your bets
14 February 2022

If you don't believe in a god and the afterlife, and you're wrong, you'll find out when you die. But, if you do believe, and you're wrong, how will you ever know? (thinking)

Haunted hotel
29 October 2021

Yes, it's another clickbait link on the BBC home page. The question posed in the article's headline is, perhaps more mundanely, The US' most haunted hotel?

Days of future passed
20 August 2021

On behalf of BBC Future, Chris Baraniak examines how future generations may study us. Just as past and current historians have relied on the written records of previous generations, future historians may judge us through social media posts, algorithms, and conspiracy theories.

Not my type
17 May 2021

At MindYourDecisions, Presh Talwalkar explains the correct answer to the following problem:

It's all geek to me
26 March 2021

Some mathematics geeks get excited about this equation:

The perils of weightlessness
6 November 2012

If your ideal weight is 70kg and you're 70kg overweight, you have a problem.

The Global Shopfront Library
7 March 2012

Through glorious happenstance I have inadvertently discovered The Global Shopfront Library.

It's official, using IE makes you stupid
3 August 2011

Okay, not quite, but from the Bonkers Unit at the Institute of Meaningless Results comes this analysis of IQ vs internet browser use. The researchers conclude that if you have a low IQ then there are high chances that you use Internet Explorer.

It was never like that in my day
4 March 2011

…my college days, that is.

There are better things to be remembered for
9 February 2011

Death comes to all of us, supposedly, with the possible exception of travellers.

Of superheroes and Socrates
12 August 2010

It may seem like a simple comic strip to most of us—the proportion with a life—but the tribulations of your everyday, common-or-garden superhero are a philosophical minefield. Even if you don't think of it that way.

Plant a tree, save a child
15 June 2010

Okay, not quite, but I liked this story nonetheless.