I think I've pissed myself

Fear the frost

Being the wrong side of 50, I am somewhat behind the curve, not that I was ever ahead of it at the best of times. I'm aware of woke, snowflakes, pandering, and SJW, but only today did I discover that Marvel plan to reboot their superhero team, New Warriors, with their first non-binary* character. The character is also black and wears blue. His/her/its/their name? None other than…ummm…Snowflake.

And Snowflake's special power? Why, generating snowflake shurikens, of course. (LMAO)

I'm not making this up, honest! And it's sent the real snowflakes all a'dither. Not least because the character is the creation of two cisgender men; or normies to you and I.

And with all the sensitivity of two white cisgender men, Marvel’s Daniel Kibblesmith and Luciano Vecchio also announced that Snowflake is blue-themed – blue hair, blue eyes, blue outfit – while Safespace is pink-themed.

Vic Parsons, Marvel reveals its first non-binary superhero, Snowflake, and the backlash is blistering, PinkNews

Overall, I'm glad that Thanos is dead. I'd hate to be in the vicinity when he shat himself in the face of Snowflake's wrath, erm, snowflakes.

* (S)he/it/they bats for both sides. Or, quite possibly, neither.