The drains have backed up again

Streaming up the lampost

AT&T, which owns Warner Media, has a bit of a cash flow problem. It has $164 billion of debt, which I think is funny because such a number shouldn't be allowed to exist. As a consequence, and in a desperate attempt to recoup massive film budgets during a period when audiences cannot or will not visit the cinema, Warner Bros' entire 2021 release slate will be dumped straight to its streaming service, HBO Max.

Commenters have derisively compared HBO Max's subscriber levels to those of other streaming services, Netflix and Disney+. Many have acknowledged that numbers may be artificially inflated through non-paying subscriptions or unactivated accounts given away as part of bundle deals or free trials. What they appear to overlook, however, is that both Netflix and Disney+ are available globally, whereas HBO Max is currently limited to the 50 states of the good ol' USofA.

To those commenters, sorry to have disturbed you with a less parochial perspective. Please do go back to pleasuring yourselves.