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Gone(ish), but not forgotten

Deadnaming is the practice of referring to a transgender person by the name that they used before they transitioned, even if that's only a trans-lite conversion. So Elliot Page's deadname is Ellen. Using the deadname is considered bad etiquette among the coddled minorities, as is using the wrong pronouns. And the queers on social media, who have nothing constructive to do with their lives, take it very seriously. (snowflake)

FFS, don't these unhinged shitheads ever take the time to actually listen to themselves? Haven't they the self-awareness to realise how retarded they sound?* (SMH)

Besides, the effective erasure of a transgender individual's identity prior to transition is tantamout to historial revisionism. It's still the identity that they presented to that point, irrespective of whether they felt it or not.

Anyhow, all that nonsense aside, if Ellen Page is effectively dead—and I assume that's where the term deadname comes from—will she be remembered in the In Memoriam section during next year's 93rd Academy Awards? Those we have lost this year. (LOL)

She should be given a a decent and respectful send-off, even if I've only seen one of her films. No, not Juno; Super, which was anything but.

I really should get around to watching Inception some day.

* The sad-sack in question here being Brian Magdalene Visaggio, a trans grifter and social media shit-stirrer. So probably not.