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Friends ununited

A little controversy has arisen over a Super Bowl ad for Uber Eats, the premise of which is that people forget things.

The ad stars—for want of a better term—Jennifer Aniston; David Schwimmer; and David and Victoria Beckham. In one scene, the Beckhams can't remember the name of the Spice Girls. In another, a man who's allergic to peanuts has a reaction to eating peanut butter, after forgetting that they're the primary constituent. And it's this that's triggered the whinging, from bumptious sad sacks among the food allergy community, not the Beckhams' acting.

Admittedly, none of it sounds particularly hilarious. Perhaps it plays out better on screen. [Hint: it doesn't]

It would be more amusing if Aniston, Schwimmer, and their three remaining Friends alumni were sitting around the dinner table; one asks Where's Matthew?; and they're all looking at each other, confused, going Yeah…where's Matthew?


Perhaps it plays out better in my head. (shrug)

At least I learnt that there's a food allergy community out there. Because everything's a frikkin' community these days, right kids? (rolleyes)

To those for whom food allergies are such a problem: you'd be better off not ordering out. Preparing your own food ensures you have ultimate control. If your allergies are so severe—and I realise that for many people they are—take ownership of your dietary security, and stop making your special needs someone else's problem. Go outside and touch grass…allergies permitting.