It's all gone to shit

Music mix

YouTube thumbnail for 3 hours of soothing Batman vibes
Yet it's received 895k views. What did they get for the extra twelve seconds though?

I imagine it's fair to say that anyone who watches YouTube content has a penchant for certain subjects and content creators. I guess the algorithm learns that and brings in new but more of the same over time. Perhaps the settings are stored on one's computer, dunno. Whatever, it seems that the algorithm really shits the bed on occasion, and loses track of my favoured viewing; possibly in an attempt to drive me towards creating an account.

It's at times like these that it throws up thumbnails of videos in foreign languages; religious nutters; Mr frikkin' Beast with his inane grin; and, perhaps worst of all, seemingly countless numbers of multi-hour music mixes. Among so many others, there's lo-fi beats, whateverthehell that means; chillout lounge; house relax; more summer mixes than you could shake a stick at; not only whisky blues, but also whiskey blues; and…soothing Batman vibes? Three hours of deep ambient relaxation and healing, with a Dark Knight edge; not one, not two, but three of those sixty-minute suckers. Plus twelve seconds. WTactualF?

I'd be tempted to click and find out, but I'm worried that the bloody algorithm will learn it as a new favourite. (SMH)

A small selection of random shit

A small selection of today's offerings.

YouTube thumbnail for Whiskey Blues
There's also a Whisky Blues, but not today.
YouTube thumbnail for Mr Beast
Such a punchable face.
YouTube thumbnail for something Arabic, I think
I see German and French channels, which is irritating although kinda understandable in Basel, since Google cannot detect my language preferences and uses IP addresses. But what the hell is this?
YouTube thumbnail for something in Eritrean
For those who fancy something Eritrean, here's something Eritrean.
YouTube thumbnail for Deep House Ibiza
If you're more into deep house, Ru Deep Radio has you covered…
Another YouTube thumbnail for Deep House Ibiza
…and if those 3¼ hours weren't enough, they have you covered. On the very same YT landing page, no less!