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Return to the grid

The tragic deaths of three family members, who perished from malnutrition during the harsh Coloradan winter as they tried to live off grid, have only served to bring them back on grid bigger than before; courtesy of the news coverage. Oops!

But I was a little confused as to why of sisters Christine and Rebecca Vance, only one of them had a stepsister:

Rebecca Vance's stepsister Trevala Jara, told the Washington Post on Wednesday: "She didn't like the way the world was going, and she thought it would be better if her and her son and Christine were alone, away from everybody."

Max Matza, BBC News

Otherwise, surely Jara would be described as their stepsister? (confused)

Except, there are no convoluted familial shenanigans going on here, just good old BBC editorial fuckupery. Which didn't make a lot of sense earlier to my before-coffee, befuddled mind.

I guess Jara's referred to as Rebecca Vance's stepsister because she's the subject of Jara's statement. But it could've been worded clearer for 06:40 pre-coffee reading.