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Plum loco
18 April 2024

The proposed design for a new railway station in the Chinese city of Nanjing has drawn derision for its similarity to a sanitary pad. According to authorities, the design is inspired by the plum blossoms for which the city is known.

Moving wallpaper
29 January 2024

I travel a lot by train, and needing something to relieve the monotony, which is at the same time pickup/putdownable, I often resort to opening, if not actually reading to completion, BBC online magazine features. Too often they simply don't deliver on what the referring page promises. Such as in this case, written for BBC Style, by Clare Dowdy: Why 'living retro' is perfect for now.

Artificial design
26 January 2024

AI is getting everywhere, including fashion design. It's not a long article, but of a 2dull2care subject, and I didn't get much beyond the first paragraph.

Chelmsford 123
3 January 2024

A road sign outside Chelmsford, Essex, has the town incorrectly spelt as Chelmsord due to a printing error. The error wasn't present at the design stage, so the printer clearly hasn't got the hang of copy/paste.

Where are the meatballs?
4 November 2023

At first I wasn't sure whether Annabel Rackham is telling us what it's like to go clubbing in a converted IKEA store, or asking us what's it like to go clubbing in a converted IKEA store? Because, if the latter, I can't help her; I don't know, I've never tried it. Fortunately, however, it turns out she has.

The carnival is over
25 October 2022

It appears that, after forty-five years, Ford Motor Company may be planning to sunset the redoubtable Ford Fiesta.

17 March 2022

So, you're the world's most trusted international news broadcaster™, and you have a ground-breaking story on the rejuvenation of the UK's electricity distribution network. At least in terms of the design of that part keeping the cables off the ground.

macOS upgrade: option missing
27 January 2022

I have no compelling reason to upgrade to macOS Monterey. And this notification came in, disturbing me while I'm doing something else, and just getting in the way. (mad)

Navbar update
27 November 2021

I decided to tart up the horizontal navigation bar at the top of the page, not that anyone'll notice. I wanted the About link to be on the right-hand side of the bar.

Change monkey: change for the sake of it
12 October 2021

I hadn't realised that Apple have released a new version of iOS. So, when my 'phone announced a new update was available, I absent-mindedly installed it. Oh, bugger!

5 October 2021

Asked by DC for his take on his new upcoming comic, The Human Target, author Tom King responded:

To chirp, or not to Chirp
17 August 2021

A recent interface redesign has left Twitter users complaining of headaches and discomfort. The illegibility of a newly-designed typeface, Chirp, hasn't helped those with impaired vision.

Space cock
5 August 2021

Blue Origin plans to take tourists into space aboard rocket-powered dildos.

Fist bump! Fist bump?
21 September 2020

Apple has released iOS 14 to an expectant world, and MacRumors has the low-down on its new and improved features. These are among the highlights to be expected in the update; are you sitting comfortably?

Apples 'n' pears: logo wars
12 August 2020

The couple behind Prepear, a recipe and meal planning app, are preparing to do legal battle with the mighty Apple Corporation. And all because they want to use a pear as their logo.

Inline emojis
17 December 2019

As I was updating the emojis for this site, I thought about having them scalable to fit within the line, no matter the font size. It's easy enough to scale SVG images nicely, compared to GIF. They are, after all, vectors.

IKEA, I saw, I cried
24 August 2018

According to the World Economic Forum, IKEA will take back your old furniture, resell it and give you the money, noting that there is nothing new about buying second-hand furniture - antique stores have done it for centuries. The major difference being that antique furniture was built to last while IKEA furniture, quite frankly, isn't.

No shit, Stella
28 November 2017

Stella McCartney has put her support behind a report finding that half of High Street fashion is disposed of within a year.

Join the club!
10 July 2013

Maserati is one of those exclusive marques that has been restricted to the seriously wealthy. At least until now.

And turn in your key to the executive washroom
13 November 2012

Steven Sinofsky, Windows and Windows Live President at M$ and one who was apparently often at loggerheads with CEO Steve Baldy Ballmer, has left the company, effective immediately.

30 October 2012

I don't normally care much for the political machinations at the top of companies, most of it's too arcane and divorced from my life. But my heart leapt with joy to read of the imminent departure of Scott Forstall from the executive leadership at Apple. Admittedly, Forstall did some good things while at Apple, overseeing iOS. But he was apparently a bastard to work with; was at the helm during the disastrous introduction of Apple's own mapping software and Siri; and, above all, was largely responsible for the introduction of the skeuomorphic user interface in a number of iOS, and later OS X, applications.

Bad cars
11 November 2010

Something that made me laugh—the whole article's funny—was that the Pontiac Aztek looked a bit like a Transformer figure based on a Dust Buster vacuum cleaner.

17 July 2010

India has introduced a new symbol for its currency, the rupee.