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Conditional email
13 June 2022

Although I received this message in my professional account inbox, it's not a predatory solicitation. Just a bog-standard commercial one. And the message itself isn't worth commenting on, except possibly to note the footer:

Factoid: not trivial
14 March 2022

I really have no idea how this came to pass, but a little while ago I was musing on the use of factoid to describe a trivial piece of information. Or is it an item of misinformation? It turns out that the latter is the original definition, and the former is a USAsian adaptation. Hence the confusion: one word, two meanings…how typical of the English language.

A Windows on the future
5 October 2021

Tomorrow sees the rollout of Windows 11, as a free upgrade, to the great unwashed. That's those of us who're too apathetic, or wrapped up in having a real life, to have installed the previews.

Edged out
21 May 2021

M$ is finally retiring its venerable browser, Internet Explorer. It's the end of an era. (sad)

An open letter to Google
20 April 2013

Dear Google,

30 October 2012

I don't normally care much for the political machinations at the top of companies, most of it's too arcane and divorced from my life. But my heart leapt with joy to read of the imminent departure of Scott Forstall from the executive leadership at Apple. Admittedly, Forstall did some good things while at Apple, overseeing iOS. But he was apparently a bastard to work with; was at the helm during the disastrous introduction of Apple's own mapping software and Siri; and, above all, was largely responsible for the introduction of the skeuomorphic user interface in a number of iOS, and later OS X, applications.

Saudi Arabia is not feeling .gay
15 August 2012

Saudi Arabia has objected to several new global top level domains (gTLD), including .gay, on the basis that they may offend, or promote practices that are counter to their religion. The poofs, on the other hand, counter that .gay is needed for support.

ALAC now open source
28 October 2011

Apple has released its lossless audio codec to the open source community. Some will decry this move because it's Apple and they hate Apple. But most of us will heave a mighty sigh of meh.

17 July 2010

India has introduced a new symbol for its currency, the rupee.

Browser wars: why does it matter?
5 May 2010

The BBC reports on Internet Explorer's declining market share, although it's still the dominant web browser at around 60%. But why does it matter? Other than the time-honoured arguments of security and standards, why should anyone care whether people use IE or any other browser?

Oi, what have you been up to fatty?
28 September 2004

Well, since you ask so nicely, I shall tell you, gentle reader. I've been building a website. Or, rather, rebuilding it. Actually, re-rebuilding it, if I'm to be perfectly honest. And not just one, but that's another story.