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Roger Moore's eyebrow

Misleading post title? Why, of course! But this does have a connection with eyebrows.

Not being a Star Wars fan, I've no interest in The Mandalorian. But there many fans who're fully invested in it, so there's that.

Anyhow, recent reports have stated that the series' lead, Pedro Pascal, has quit, or was fired, because he didn't want to wear the character's full-face helmet all the time. Whether this was because of discomfort, or because he wanted to show his acting range, is a matter of conjecture.

Timothy Olyphant is rumoured to be joining the cast of season 2, although his role is as yet unclear. But that hasn't stopped at least one excitable bonehead from assuming that Olyphant has been brought in as Pascal's replacement.

Timothy Olyphant, that dude displays more menace with a raised eyebrow, than Pascal does with his whole body.
Great choice in my opinion.

Burebista, comment on The Mandalorian Season 2: PEDRO PASCAL OUT or Not? Ahsoka CONFIRMED?!, Clownfish TV

Huh? Wasn't the point that the character has to wear a full-face helmet? You can't even see his eyebrows. Unlike old Rog's, in all those lamentable Bond films.

You could argue that Burebista's two observations are unrelated, and that he's simply referring to Olyphant's addition to the cast in general terms. But then he follows it up with:

My intent wasn't to put anyone down, but Pascal is about as intimidating as Vern troyer.

Burebista, you can't keep a good man down!

So, I think his opinion is clear: Olyphant's raised eyebrow will become the new Mandalorian. Which is promising, since it did a way better job than his hair in Hitman.

I like Hitman, and have watched it several times. Olyphant's hair did fine, under the circumstances.