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BBC Culture: the 14 best books of the year so farWe're only a quarter of the way through 2022, but already Rebecca Laurence and Lindsay Baker have compiled a list of the fourteen best books of the year, thus far, on behalf of BBC Culture. Not ten. Not fifteen. And, fortunately, not twenty. Fourteen.

I think that's more than I've read in my entire life. But I feel neither despondent nor inferior, because I don't believe that our culture vultures have actually read all of the candidates themselves; or, indeed, any of them for that matter.

Firstly, they split the load between them, although Baker shoulders the majority of the workload; she must be getting paid by the word count. Secondly, they fall back on reviews written by other culture vultures, who've presumably read either these worthy tomes or at least the publishers' press releases. (nerd)

So, then, it's a list of fourteen books to leave casually lying on your coffee table. (shrug)