I think I've pissed myself

Live. Die. Repeat. Or not.

BBC home page link text: “Why an Indian housewife kills herself every 25 minutes”It's a sad story. So I feel bad that my first thought, when spotting the link on the BBC home page, was puzzlement as to how one Indian housewife repeatedly kills herself.

But this isn't solely an editorial problem, because I don't know how it could be effectively reworded. Other than maybe using the article's actual headline: What's behind suicides by thousands of Indian housewives?

The main problem, in this instance, lay between my ears and with the after-effects of last night's pre-holiday/end-of-year beer session. (thinking) (embarrassed)

Still, it appears that they're Indian housewives, not India housewives. So at least there's some progress at Beeb Towers.