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No shits for Springtime (poop)

You can't keep a good journalisthack urinalist down, and once again Marianna Spring has sprung into mithering over trolls on Twitter. Oh, and pimping her gossamer-thin investigation, instigated by personal butthurt and treated derisively by the space cadet:

Mr Musk posted again, responding to one tweet that was critical of the BBC investigation. He wrote "roflmao" - "rolling on the floor laughing my ass off."

Marianna Spring, BBC disinformation and social media correspondent, BBC News

How Elon Musk's tweets unleashed a wave of hateNow, that's the kind of response to hubristic urinalism that brings me joy. Nice one, Elon! (thumbup)

To add further insult to her already injured fee-fees, in response to her requests for comment: the Twitter press office now automatically sends out poo emojis. (poop) (LMAO)

Oh dear, Marianna, I don't think they're taking you as seriously as you do. But one would have to have a heart of stone not to laugh!

Sticks and stones…

Meanies on Twitter have been mean to our poor, fragile disinformation and social media correspondent. And that's not nice. But some people aren't nice…especially from the safety afforded by anonymity and their keyboard.* It's the nature of the internet beast, and it always has been; this is neither new, nor news. I don't understand why anyone feels the need to hurl bitch and much nastier insults at her, any more than I understand her need to bleat on about it; other than a hack BBC urinalist in need of a story to justify their place on the payroll, that is. They're all as pathetic as each other.

There's a saying, Marianna: don't feed the trolls. If you're so thin-skinned as to get butthurt over mean words from poopyheads, then perhaps you should learn to turn the other cheek and move on, rather than expecting free speech to be muzzled to suit your delicate sensibilities. To continue bravely corresponding from the embattled trenches of teh soshull meejah, you're gonna have to grow a thicker skin…and upgrade your protective helmet from the cheap supermarket-grade turkey wrapping you're currently using. After all, you chose this job, no one forced you. (pipe)

And I think that's the message Musk's sending to you, dear sweet Marianna. Either that, or he simply enjoys your pitiable whining as an amusing distraction.

I can't wait to see what effect the BBC's financial independence will have on this type of personal-disgruntlement-masquerading-as-half-baked-journalism bullshit. If the current crises in ad-driven tech urinalism are anything to go by, its days could well be numbered.

I created my take on the poop emoji for this post, and for you, Marianna. Because you're special. (poop) (snowflake) (kiss)

* Yes, I am aware of the irony of making that statement from the safety afforded by anonymity and my keyboard. Then again, I'm not trolling anyone here, just shitting onto a blog that no one'll read.