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statue of David by Michaelangelo googly eyes fig leaf fig leaf
David: Suitably attired for Victorians and Floridians. Click/tap the leaf for a more mature version. Viewer discretion advised!

Following a sixth-grade art lesson at Tallahassee Classical School, FL, a parent complained that the students had been exposed to pornography when shown Michelangelo's statue of David. As a result, the school's principal was forced to resign or be fired.

We can draw two conclusions from what's been presented of this story. Firstly, the complainant doesn't understand the difference between art and pornography, or even what a pornographic penis actually looks like. And, secondly, only the principal, and no firearm, was discharged during this traumatic experience.

God bless the United States of Merkins indeed. With imbeciles like that breeding, they need all the divine intervention they can get. Nevertheless, a US school making the international news for something other than gun crime is newsworthy in itself.

And it could've been so much worse in other ways. At least Michelangelo's David has no anus. (LMAO)

Sixth-graders are aged 11–12 years. David has a penis that could well be described as modest and unlikely to inflame the passions.

The Greeks and Romans considered small penises to be a sign of intellect and restraint. We have this from the writings of the intellectuals of the time. But they would say that, wouldn't they? The thoughts of their better-endowed compatriots have been lost to history; they were too busy living in the moment.