It's all gone to shit

Bible bashing

After the pornography of Michaelangelo's David, comes the vulgarity and violence of the King James Bible. I shit you not. A parent in Utah complained of its depravity, and the school district has removed it from elementary and middle schools.

Another parent, who opposes the removal, said: I can't think of what's in the Bible that you would have to take out of it. Its [sic] not like there's pictures in it. Pornography doesn't require pictures though; pornographic literature is a thing, apparently. Didn't Onan spill his seed on the ground? How do you explain that to ikkle kiddy-winks? There's probably other shit going on in there too.

No, I'm not seriously advocating the Bible as a source of vulgarity and violence. Just having a laugh at a petty pissing match, and that one puritan's intellectual dwarfism can outweigh centuries of cultural acceptance in the land of the free.

Utah's Republican government passed a law in 2022 banning "pornographic or indecent" books from schools.

Max Matza, BBC News

And when you start banning books using vague criteria such as pornography and indecency, this is where you end up. (pipe)

I'd like to give our hero who launched the complaint the benefit of the doubt: that they're making a point by laying bare the logical foolishness of the legislation through reductio ad absurdum. Then again, Merka; so they might well be serious. (shrug)