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Superstitious rail

Basel main station concourse, showing signs for platforms 11/12 and 14/15
Basel HB: One of our platforms is missing.
Zürich main station concourse, showing sign for platform 13
Zürich HB: Oooh, look what I've found!

Despite having platforms 14–17 leading off its main concourse, Basel Hauptbahnhof doesn’t have a platform 13. Zürich Hauptbahnhof, however, does; and it's not just for show. It's fully-functioning, and I've boarded trains there. To Basel, ironically enough.

So, you can travel from Zürich to Basel, leaving from platform 13, but never arriving at one. It's a trivial observation, I know, so it'll fit right on in with everything else here.

Schweizerische Bundesbahnen (Swiss Federal Railways) is headquartered in the Swiss capital, Bern. Bern Hauptbahnhof also has a platform 13.