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A slow boat to China
13 May 2024

For any western holidaymakers looking for something a little out of the ordinary—24/7 surveillance; zoonotic diseases; dubiously-sourced food; detention on specious grounds; their hotel collapsing through shonky building practices, among many others—China awaits! Yes, President Pooh's fetid shithole is open for tourism.

Club Tropicana drinks weren't free
8 April 2024

After almost seventy years, the Tropicana, one of Las Vegas' iconic casino hotels has closed its doors. And one of the more interesting features on the BBC's magazine side of late is Tony Perrottet's exploration of Sin City's seedy past. It's only a little more than 1400 words, to cover almost eighty years of history of gangsters, gambling, and divorce. If it were much longer though, I probably wouldn't've got through it all. (shrug)

Too fat to fly
22 February 2024

Mia Taylor, writing for BBC Travel, tells us that Finnair has sparked controversy by weighing its passengers. According to the BBC's own Lucy Hooker, however, they were doing that a full six years ago already!

Inconvenient convenience
17 January 2024

A passenger aboard an Indian domestic flight was locked in the toilet for over an hour, after the door malfunctioned. As the plane prepared for landing, a flight attendant advised him to close the commode lid and sit on it and secure yourself. He was only freed after an engineer boarded the plane at its destination.

Not a good idea
20 June 2023

Who'd've thought that tourist submarine trips to explore RMS Titanic at a depth of 3800m below the surface of the North Atlantic Ocean could be potentially hazardous? More to the point, who thought it was a good idea in the first place?

Tip top
9 June 2023

Tipping. In some countries it's expected, in others it's frowned upon. Despite the lure of advising us how to tip around the world, all that Mike MacEacheran delivers—other than a vague direction to do your research before travelling, duh!—is five examples of where expectations differ.

All aboard the Snowflake Express
16 May 2023

Most on-board train announcements can best be described as unexciting—the next station stop is…, change here for…, etc.—to the point that they become intrusive and annoying. But passengers aboard the ÖBB service from Bregenz to Vienna were recently treated to a little pep talk from one of Austria's more (in)famous scions: that nice Herr Hitler. Two clips of speeches were played; short, but enough to cram in a crowd chanting Heil Hitler and Sieg Heil.

Men in hats
13 April 2023

I've only visited Munich a couple of times, on business. So I haven't had the opportunity to experience Weißwurstfrühstück: white sausages, served with soft pretzels and sweet mustard, accompanied by wheat beer. For breakfast! But I have more chance of that than enjoying anything at Bacoa, so I'll take it.

London calling
4 April 2023

London City Airport has become the second in the UK, after Teesside International Airport, to scrap the 100mL limit for carry-on liquids, following the introduction of new scanners. This momentous event is expected to improve the security experience for many tens of travellers.

Camp Rwanda
3 April 2023

Perusing the BBC's home page from the sanctity of my bed this morning, I happened across this lead-line. And it got me thinking, which is always an uncomfortable experience early in the morning. Or at any time, really; but especially early in the morning.

Tempelhof remembered
1 November 2022

The link on the BBC's home page teases The airport that changed Europe. Unfortunately, Krystin Arneson's Tempelhof: The single site that embodies Berlin is somewhat less compelling than the announcement portends.

Superstitious rail
18 December 2021

Despite having platforms 14–17 leading off its main concourse, Basel Hauptbahnhof doesn’t have a platform 13. Zürich Hauptbahnhof, however, does; and it's not just for show. It's fully-functioning, and I've boarded trains there. To Basel, ironically enough.

Give me the reason
16 December 2021

In an effort to slow the spread of Chongvirus Omicron, France's prime minister Jean Castex has announced tightened travel restrictions for visitors from the UK.

Bursting the bubble?
21 July 2021

Oh shit, that's torn it.

9 June 2021

British Airways is in the news. Again. For all the wrong reasons. Again.

Car park sharks
2 May 2021

Car parks at UK city and town centres and railway stations have seen less traffic recently. The pandemic is a contributing factor, although it's not the only one. Flexible working practices; urban traffic control measures; and the growth of online shopping have all taken their toll. So much so, that the UK's largest car park operator, NCP, has reported that its revenues have dropped by 80% since the onset of the pandemic. The company is trying to renegotiate its leases with its landlords, in an effort to cut costs and avoid insolvency.

Flight to nowhere
23 April 2021

Writing for BBC Worklife, Mark Johanson examines The creative experiences indulging our nostalgia for planes. It seems that there are people who actually enjoy spending their time in airport departures. Weirdos!

Economic double bubble
19 April 2021

Australia and New Zealand have opened a travel bubble for flights between the two nations, because they both have the pandemic under control and are safe. Until they're not, that is.

Come fly with me
31 March 2021

From the Bonkers Institute comes an analysis, concluding that A small minority of frequent flyers dominate air travel. No shit! I guess that must be why they're called frequent flyers then. Well, at least that little mystery's been cleared up. (rolleyes)

The upside to 'methodical'
19 October 2020

In 2018, British Airways experienced a data breach that affected personal and credit card details for more than 400,000 customers. Now, the UK's Information Commissioner's Office has fined the airline £20M for that breach. This is substantially less than the £183M fine that it originally announced in July 2019, after taking into account the economic impact of Covid-19.

What price 'safety'?
29 June 2020

In the wake of the COVID-19 pandemic, the EU has decided to reopen borders to citizens from fifteen non-EU countries. Pending a reciprocal agreement, China will be included among the clean list safe travel destinations. (mask)

10 April 2019

On behalf of BBC Travel, Mike MacEacheran explores the theme of what unicorns mean to Scottish identity.

Yet more flight delays
9 July 2014

The UK has announced that passengers on certain undisclosed routes,* and carrying electronic devices in their hand luggage, should ensure that they're charged enough to be switched on. As if the queues at security weren't long enough with people having to take their laptops out, now they'll have to power the bloody things on as well. Shitbag!

I (heart) Eyjafjallajökull
11 May 2010

I was supposed to go to Madrid today for meetings tomorrow. I was dreading it, because not only do I not enjoy business travel particularly, but the last couple of days have been pretty emotionally charged for the girls. Yesterday was my eldest daughter's 5th birthday—how can my baby be 5?—and today is my, significantly more than fifth, birthday. The girls were quite upset about me having to leave today, and I wasn't exactly brimming with enthusiasm either.