The drains have backed up again

Mx Universe: tH3 PaTriArchY will not accept failure in 2024

woman looks like a bird Getty Images
Miss Nicaragua doing a Nicaraguan thing…I guess. (shrug)

Agent Jakrajutatip's failure to secure control of the Miss Universe pageant has allowed a real, biologically-relevant woman to win the title this year, over our two brothers-in-arms. Or should I say brothers-in-vaginoplasty?

Let those born with vagina celebrate their victory; for now. It shall be short-lived. T3h PaTriArchY will not be defeated next year.

And could one of our competent agents deal with Agent Jakrajutatip? Failure is betrayal, and betrayal will not be tolerated.

Legal disclaimer: It shouldn't have to be said, not least because no one will read this crap, but this is not a serious incitement for harm to come to Anne Jakrajutatip. He may have failed in his duties, but we're all human and, as the saying goes: to err is human; to forgive, divine.