It's all gone to shit

Off with her head!

In the wake of Jodie Turner-Smith being cast to play Anne Boleyn, in what can only be a less-than-historically-faithful revisionist wokefest, Anthony Brian Logan asks Should A Black Actress Play The Queen of England? Given that Will Smith was criticised for not being black enough, I have a sneaking suspicion that the woke agenda, and pretenders staying in their lanes, might only apply one way.

I just wonder how far SJW bravery goes in trying to subvert expecations in the name of forced diversity. I'm looking forward to an edgy and expectation-subverting revision of the Chinese War of Liberation, with Mao Zedong reimagined as a black lesbian dwarf. I bet those sons of fun at the CCP will be overjoyed! (rolleyes)

Incidentally, in reference to Elizabeth Taylor, Logan's sparring partner, Reese Everson, repeats the same fallacy about Cleopatra that's been recently levelled against the casting of Gal Godot in the same role.

If we look at this from a historical lens we'll remember things like movies like Cleopatra, and how they were told with Elizabeth Taylor as Cleopatra, who was very much a person of African descent.

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Cleopatra was not black. She was not ethnic North African. The Ptolemaic Kingdom was of Macedonian Greek descent. Just putting it out there.