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Don't say that's just for white boys
3 April 2024

Transgender actor Hunter Schafer has said he no longer wants to play transgender roles.

Pride and prejudice
30 January 2024

An open letter to the Writers Guild of America, from one of its members, is saying the quiet thing out loud. Talent and experience are no longer valued prerequisites for writing gigs, what matters is DivErSitY AnD InCLuSiOn™, even if it's only thinly-veiled division and exclusion.

Robyn Hood
9 October 2023

There's a Canadian remake—or reimagining, who knows?—of the legend of Robin Hood currently on screens somewhere. Retitled Robyn Hood, it features a black LGBTQIABC+FLAPFLAPFLAP female lead, naturally, with a hip-hop band called The Hood as her/they's merrie men people, living in the Sherwood and Forest tower block estates within the fictional Canadian city of New Nottingham. I think that's close enough.

It's called acting, darling!
23 September 2023

Sir Michael Caine recalled his big break in Zulu (1964) during an interview with the Daily Fail. Fortunately, it was excerpted by Deadline, so I could read about it without risk to my IQ.

Game theory
24 May 2023

According to Dove—the brand of soap, of all things—74% of girls feel underrepresented in video games. How the hell do they think boys feel? How many video game characters are portrayed as pasty-, spotty-faced bespectacled youths, with the physique of a garden rake and the charisma of a dishcloth?

Black king takes black queen
15 April 2023

Men self-identifying as women, and dominating their opponents in sporting competitions, is an ongoing controversy. It's widely accepted, by anyone with a modicum of knowledge and absence of emotional fragility, that boys and girls develop differently during puberty. Consequently, men who later think they're women have physical advantages over real women who've been women all their lives.

Is this what creative apathy looks like?
4 April 2023

Disney is to bring another of its animated greats to life. Verily, the uncreativity at the House of Mouse is unbridled.

25 February 2023

I enjoyed Tom Cruise's two outings as Jack Reacher, in Jack Reacher and Jack Reacher: Never Go Back. But they weren't to everyone's taste. In particular, fans of Lee Child's novels railed against Cruise's stature; Reacher's 8' tall with hands the size of dinner plates…or something like that. Clearly they don't understand that actors pretend to be what they're not, it's known as acting, and Cruise was pretending to be 2'6" taller.

A tale of two dames
4 January 2023

I received The Good Liar, starring Dames Helen Mirren and Ian Winkies McKellen, as a gift for Christmas. In it, McKellen plays a man who likes the ladies; and that's acting folks! It's what thespians do, dontchaknow?* (muses)

3 August 2022

Batgirl, Warner Bros' upcoming small-screen outing for Commissioner Gordon's race-swapped daughter, Barbara, is no longer upcoming. Instead, it's been shitcanned, despite itself being in the can already.

Swimmin' with the non-wimmin
20 June 2022

The world's swimming governing body, World Aquatics (FINA), will ban transgender females from women's competition, unless they physically transitioned before the onset of male pubertal development. This is effectively a ban on all transgender women competing unfairly against biologically-relevant women.

Half-arsed job
15 February 2022

As Kenneth Branagh's adaptation of Agatha Christie's Death on the Nile is released to cinemas, David Jesudason addresses racism in her work. I cannot pretend that I read the whole article; I only got as far as the incongruity in Branagh's casting compared to setting.

Bombing under the radar
10 January 2022

The 355 has bombed at the US box office. The usual suspects claim that it's because this all women-led spy caper is part of an unimaginative progressive movement that audiences are tiring of. There may be something to that argument, but are they merely trying to fit things to their own cultural narrative?

1 November 2021

The pekapeka, or long-tailed bat (Chalinolobus tuberculatus (North Island)), has won the title of New Zealand's bird of the year. The victory has upset some people, who unironically took to Twitter—hohoho!—to complain. Nevertheless, the organisers of the poll, Forest & Bird, remain unrepentant.

Representation, arse
20 September 2021

Apropos of nothing in particular, just getting this down, really.

Racist sweatpants
15 September 2021

In support of my earlier observation, that people don't know the meaning of racist, comes a report of a fashion house facing criticism because a $1,190 (£860) pair of sweatpants it sells rips off black culture.

Snow what?
24 June 2021

In what could be seen as just another race-bait move, Disney has cast Latina actress Rachel Zegler as Snow White in their upcoming live action remake of Snow White and the Seven Dwarfs. Casting for characters of restricted height has yet to be announced, but it's unlikely that Ray Winstone, Toby Jones, Ian McShane et al. will be invited to reprise their roles from Snow White and the Huntsman, since that would be taking work from genuinely diminutive actors.

Carry On Cleo
12 June 2021

Writing for Smithsonian Magazine, following the premiere of Anne Boleyn, Meilan Solly harks back to the past when arguing that the controversy over Jodie Turner-Smith's casting is unnecessary and harmful. In so doing, she trots out one of those tired old falsehoods:

3 May 2021

Those of us who scoffed at Elliot Page's commitment to joining the patriarchy, are laughing on the other side of our faces now. He's only gone and had a titectomy! Although, in true Page style, it's accompanied by a public announcement, in an interview with Oprah Winfrey. I'm assuming that Apple TV+ counts as public.

True Bluey
21 April 2021

Bluey is an ABC animated TV series for preschool children, chronicling the adventures of a Blue Heeler puppy with her family and friends. It's endearing and wholesome, or so I'm led to believe; I've never watched it myself. Nevertheless, writing for ABC Everyday, Beverley Wang wonders whether the show could be more representative.

Bucking the trend
18 April 2021

After all of the brou-ha-ha over privileged Hollywood actors taking roles from minorities—by, erm…acting—and calls for them to get back in their lane, there comes a refreshing change in the shape of Chad. In this new TV comedy series, Nasim Pedrad plays the titular character, a fourteen-year-old Persian boy dealing with family relationships and cultural identity, as he tries to navigate highschool.

Sorry for nothing
14 April 2021

Hank Azaria, the voice of Apu on The Simpsons has apologised for voicing the character, and his role in structural racism. It's about time, Hank, you bastard!

Changing lanes
11 March 2021

Only one day after accepting the role of translating Amanda Gorman's poem The Hill We Climb into Dutch, Marieke Lucas Rijneveld has stepped down over an outcry that they're not black. This is despite the fact that Gorman chose Rijneveld herself.

Off with her head!
26 February 2021

In the wake of Jodie Turner-Smith being cast to play Anne Boleyn, in what can only be a less-than-historically-faithful revisionist wokefest, Anthony Brian Logan asks Should A Black Actress Play The Queen of England? Given that Will Smith was criticised for not being black enough, I have a sneaking suspicion that the woke agenda, and pretenders staying in their lanes, might only apply one way.

Take it! Like a man!
2 December 2020

Kneon (Thom Pratt) at Clownfish TV covered the Ellen/Elliot Page non-story, and received some comments that are predictably similar to my own thoughts. My favourites are copied below, simply for convenience…and a little additional commentary.

Keeping mum
8 March 2019

The hand-wringing over whitewashing in Hollywood has taken a slightly more surreal turn when Will Smith is accused of not being black enough to play Richard Williams in a biopic.