This is my truth

Tail wagging the dog

We're having a problem at work with one of our vendors. Or, rather, InstantlyForgettableNameCorp's admin are having a problem with one of our vendors' admin. I can't pretend that I understand it, because I've been excluded from the discussions.

Our admin are refusing to have anything to do with the vendor until its admin sorts their act out. Normally, I'd be sympathetic to them, but in this case the vendor is technically excellent, and cannot be matched in some key areas. I expect the droids to do better to resolve the situation, rather than just kicking back.

In the past, I would've discussed the issue directly with admin, to put the technical case for the importance of the working relationship, and to understand what I can do through my contacts to reach a resolution. But that was before my micromanager joined the company.

Having a silo and gate-keeping mentality, along with a need to justify his existence and signal his importance, he held the internal discussions himself alone, rather than getting his people involved. Even though he clearly doesn't fully grasp the situation, and he has no direct contact with the vendor. Consequently, it appears that he bent over and grabbed his ankles, because he simply didn't understand enough to do otherwise.

He's like a chess player who likes to move the pieces around the board, but hasn't mastered the strategic elements of the game.

For my part, I'm no longer willing to argue the case for what's best for the company. I'll just go along with whatever's expedient and convenient for the droids. And, if there are any problems further down the line…fuck it, they're not mine to own.