And it's come to this

Arse acher

LucasFilm has destroyed several beloved franchises under Kathleen Kennedy's leadership. I say that without malice, since I've had no real interest in any of Star Wars; Indiana Jones; or Willow, for which I consider myself lucky. Others have not been as fortunate, and have seen their beloved franchises sodomised and dragged through the mud.

Of course, for all the despondent old guard fans, there are new ones who love to see Mary Sue characters appear in wafer-thin stories blown outta hack writers' arses; as long as there's T3h M3SsAg3, all's good. Whether there's enough of them now coming on board to balance the apathy of those jumping ship is another matter; it's doubtful though, given the studio's and tie-in manufacturers' commercial disappointments of late.

But, for those of us with no interest in anything to do with Disney, other than listening to dance music, our friend It'sAGundam reports from the frontline, in this instance having sat through Ahsoka, a Star Wars spin-off. He doesn't offer high praise for any of it, but especially the writing.

The training of Sabine, I can basically say was a concept of bad writing and galactic hugs.

It'sAGundam, Ahsoka: a show about Nothing

Awww, galactic hugs are so…cushiony. (lovedup)

The scene in which Ahsoka and Sabine inspirationally bitch-slapped a ring of stormtroopers, who obligingly stood back, awaiting their turn was…inspirational. No, no! Fuck it! Someone wrote it; someone signed off on it; actors read and performed it. And none of them thought, does this really make any sense? Is this how melees work? (LOL)

And he offers a nod to the design team too.

Oh let's give the death star—ship—a tramp stamp tattoo on its belly. There's the move to make. Nothing says badass like tribal tattoos.

It'sAGundam, Ahsoka: a show about Nothing

Dave Filoni's a genius! If only he was a woman!

[ dances the DIE DISMAL DISNEY dance ]