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Be careful what you wish for…
24 May 2024

At the beginning of this year, Elon Musk offered a dire warning that Chinese car makers would demolish competitors from other countries if there were no trade barriers. And it appears that 'Pa Joe's carers must've been listening, for just last week the US announced increased tariffs on imports of electric vehicles from China.

You've gotta eat gruel to be kind
5 April 2024

Is the rising cost of living leaving you penny-pinching? Not enough money to put food on the table? Not enough money to warm your hovel? Well, stop thinking only of yourself, you selfish bastard! (furious)

Check it out
16 January 2024

Writing for BBC Worklife, Sam Becker examines the apparent spectacular failure of self-checkout technology. Retailers introduced automated checkout facilities to save money on checkout staff, and shoppers took to it for its speed and efficiency. But both groups' views on the technology have since soured in the UK and US. According to Becker, theft; technical failures; and waiting for staff support are among the reasons cited.

It pays to be boss
4 January 2024

According to the High Pay Centre, FTSE 100 bosses earn the UK average salary in three days, which means they can now take the rest of the year off. They've earned it.

Five minus one
22 December 2023

Writing for BBC Worklife, Alex Christian examines some of this year's high-level business fuck-ups, in Five cautionary tales of business leadership in 2023.

The power behind the throne
10 November 2023

It's an easy life, being a business reporter for the BBC, an' no mistake; all you have to do is kick back and drink the corporate koolade. In this case, Natalie Sherman regurgitates Disney CEO, Bob Iger's earnings call release as fact. There may well be some truthful statements in there, but there are also some that are at best half-truths. And we don't have to go very far into the article, either.

6 November 2023

BBC Panorama sent one of its crack investigative journalists, Emma Lowther, undercover to infiltrate the Manchester HQ of fast-fashion company Boohoo. As if it weren't obvious from the fast-fashion label, Boohoo retails cheap clothing targeted primarily at young women. So, as fashion trends rapidly change, swift turnaround and cost consciousness are paramount.

Vegans are cheap, except the ones who aren't
8 August 2023

Beyond Meat describes itself as a leader in plant-based meat, which is misleading and oxymoronic, because its products aren't meat and meat doesn't come from plants.* The company's trying to make plants look like meat from an animal, without actually being meat from an animal. It's not unlike Dylan Mulvaney claiming to be a woman, simply by making himself up to look like one (kinda); the difference being that, while both are processed with additives to create an unnatural and pale imitation of the real deal, fake meat at least has some substance to it.

Please sir, I want some more
6 August 2023

As SAG-AFTRA's luvvies continue to withhold their massive talent from the camera's loving gaze, everyone's favourite Latina grifter, Rachel Zegler, brought her own perspective to the pity party. In a video that went viral for all the wrong reasons, and saw her getting roasted for being entitled and out-of-touch, she declared:

The billionaires' club
15 June 2023

In the wake of George Soros handing control of his business and philanthropic empire over to his son, BBC Reel asks whether anyone should be allowed to inherit $25bn.

Selling piss
16 May 2023

Amelia Robinson is The Columbus Dispatch's opinion and community engagement editor. In the wake of the Bud Light/Dylan Mulvaney controversy, she weighed in on the debate with an opinion piece, fearlessly wielding her incomplete grasp of the situation.*

No shit guv'nor
24 March 2023

In what can only be described as a big-brained moment, the governor of the Bank of England has warned that raising retail prices could drive up the cost of living and would most affect the least wealthy. No fucking shit! This must be why he earns the big bucks, having insight like that. (SMH)

Catch me if you can!
24 March 2023

Do Kwon, the man who pioneered the terraUSD and Luna crypto tokens, as well as the concept of the cryptocrash, has been arrested in Montenegro. Despite denying being in hiding, he never revealed his location and was travelling under a false identity. Which is just the sort of thing that anyone who isn't in hiding does. (rolleyes)

Beat the meat
6 December 2022

After all the hype and excitement of vegan foods rising to the challenge of tasting like meat, the public's enthusiasm for fake meat is waning in both the UK and US. This appears to be at least in part due to consumers' cost-consciousness in the face of soaring food prices, coupled with Beyond Meat's failure to force the taxpayer or meat buyers to sustain its business model.

Making bank
9 November 2022

I don't involve myself in the murky world of cryptocurrency. I don't understand it, and I don't trust it; it just seems spooky and volatile. So I'd never heard of FTX—one of the world's biggest cryptocurrency exchanges—until news of its near collapse and bail-out by close rival Binance.

Jet powered
17 January 2022

In a bid to limit imports and encourage local production, the Nigerian central bank made 41 items ineligible for foreign exchange in 2015. The list included rice; tomatoes; toothpicks, of all things; and…private jets.

The (international) shipping forecast
11 January 2022

It never ceases to amaze me: the parochiality of merkans when it comes to international shipping charges. I guess that it doesn't matter if it's outside the fifty states of the union.

How low is too low?
6 June 2021

Quelle surprise! Campaigners have criticised the G7 finance ministers' agreement on a 15% tax on global companies as being too low, and to the disbenefit of poorer nations. The critics include Oxfam, which earlier this year had its UK government funding suspended only one month after a previous three-year ban had ceased. Perhaps the UK government has a better fiscal grasp than Oxfam.

The fifteen percenters
5 June 2021

Finance ministers from the G7 group of leading economies are meeting in London to come to agreement on taxation of multinational companies. Some nations are upset that their taxation greed is driving multinational companies to find more tax-efficient countries to establish themselves.

Christmas is cancelled
28 October 2019

The British Meat Processors' Association warns of the effect of Brexit on seasonal EU labour in the UK. Apparently, there will not be enough pigs in blankets to go 'round. According to the association's chief executive, Nick Allen, wrapping cocktail sausages in bacon is manual labour and is fiddly and hard to mechanise.

No shit, Stella
28 November 2017

Stella McCartney has put her support behind a report finding that half of High Street fashion is disposed of within a year.

5 June 2017

Having made and lost several fortunes, singer Kenny Rogers has this advice for entrepreneurs: pay your taxes, put 20% away, and then have some fun. And you can't say fairer than that!

You know where to come. Or not.
7 November 2012

Comet, the UK electrical goods retailer is the latest victim of the economic downturn, entering into administration on 2 November. According to the administrators, Deloitte:

Barclays' boss to resign!
29 June 2012

At the moment, Barclays' CEO Bob Diamond is saying that he won't resign over the lending rate fixing scandal. But we all know that when someone in this position says they won't resign, that's exactly what they do…quietly…two weeks later.